Collection Update V

After a year of lacking any news written on my journal (I was just being a passive reader and buyer all those time >.<), I decided to post an update of my zukan collection. I'm not very good in writing (please don't mind me) but I guess I can still share pictures of my collection with you guys!

I'm not going to list any of my gets in the whole last year, but instead a full march of those colorful beings that you guys always love! Here we go: A full 'cage' of nearly-completed Kanto Dex Zukan!

I thought that it would be beautiful to have my zukan displayed on a staircased (or leveled?) display. So I decided to make one! I made the display from cardboard. x)

Next, here are the photos taken from several angles.

Sorry about the image heavy >.< but we're still going for some more.

Aaand finally, I made my own personal checklist for The Kanto Dex Zukan!

I photographed every zukan line I own (on white background), while the rest are the lines that I still search after. If you guys have one for sale, please let me know. But for the time being, I think I would prefer the less rare lines first (because price does matter). :D

That's all for this time.
Thanks a lot for looking!
I hope everyone a good luck in collecting Pokemon merchandise! :D

Collection Update! IV

This is so far my 4th update of my collections, although there are lines that are still on their way to my place. Can't wait for them to arrive! :D
I'm still on the hunt to catch all the gen I zukan first. So the lines I caught below are all from gen I.
Here they are!

I got Persian-line and Dodrio-line from tiirabird :D

I got Primeape-line and cute Clefable-line from ongzaa55 :D

And I got this Dugtrio-line, Starmie-line, & Magnezone-line from white_chocobo :D

That's all about this small update! You can find more pics on my instagram:

Aaaaand this is my whole collection so far (plus Kecleon, Altaria-line, Gallade-line, Red Genesect, and Persian-line). :) It's not much, but I'm happy to have them and surely will expand them. :D


I want to thank everyone who help me through this seek-and-catch for collecting these masterpieces, and I hope you a good luck for your hunting too! :D
Thanks for looking!

Zukan Collection

This is my first ever post in this blog, and I think it's good enough for me to share about my pokemon collection, especially zukan 1/40 gashapon figure i'm interested in.

I've just been starting to collect zukan figure since June this year, and I think it's not gonna be enough for me to collect only a few of them. So, starting from buying used zukan in my country (Indonesia, which are very rare to find ones), I start watching ebay for them. Apparently there is not sufficient source of seller that sell zukan that I wanted, so I create an account in this blog in order to make me go through a deep search in pkmncollectors and become one of the members (I really want to be) :(

So let me show you a very few collection of mine.







All of the zukan figures except Rhyhorn line were bought within Indonesia. I bought Rhyhorn line zukan from ebay (fen1118), with a very fair price. :D

And also I have ordered Pokemon BW 16th Movie Zukan set from ebay (figure_shop) and it's on the way to my best friend's home! (I set his home as my ebay shipping address) :D
BW 16th Movie
(the image I downloaded from the internet. I'll post the photos of mine soon!)

Thank guys for reading. I'll be back with my new zukan collection update! :D