cinclosoma (cinclosoma) wrote,

Collection Update! III

I hope everyone a nice day since today I'm feeling happy to share a small zukan get! These are my grails, because basically, all of gen I zukan are my grails. x)


And these are single pictures of them, which I took from my Instagram account.

Instagram <-- feel free to visit! :D

I got the three sets above from white_chocobo :D

I always love when zukan comes with a diorama, just like the Mew and Butterfree-line. They look as much as if they live in the wild. But unfortunately not all of the zukans come with it. Nevertheless, they still successfully amaze me with great detail, cool poses, and that accurately incredible (or incredibly accurate) 1/40 scale. :D

That's all for this very small post yet awesome for me.
Thanks for looking! :D
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