cinclosoma (cinclosoma) wrote,

Collection Update! IV

This is so far my 4th update of my collections, although there are lines that are still on their way to my place. Can't wait for them to arrive! :D
I'm still on the hunt to catch all the gen I zukan first. So the lines I caught below are all from gen I.
Here they are!

I got Persian-line and Dodrio-line from tiirabird :D

I got Primeape-line and cute Clefable-line from ongzaa55 :D

And I got this Dugtrio-line, Starmie-line, & Magnezone-line from white_chocobo :D

That's all about this small update! You can find more pics on my instagram:

Aaaaand this is my whole collection so far (plus Kecleon, Altaria-line, Gallade-line, Red Genesect, and Persian-line). :) It's not much, but I'm happy to have them and surely will expand them. :D


I want to thank everyone who help me through this seek-and-catch for collecting these masterpieces, and I hope you a good luck for your hunting too! :D
Thanks for looking!
Tags: zukan
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