May 14th, 2015

Collection Update V

After a year of lacking any news written on my journal (I was just being a passive reader and buyer all those time >.<), I decided to post an update of my zukan collection. I'm not very good in writing (please don't mind me) but I guess I can still share pictures of my collection with you guys!

I'm not going to list any of my gets in the whole last year, but instead a full march of those colorful beings that you guys always love! Here we go: A full 'cage' of nearly-completed Kanto Dex Zukan!

I thought that it would be beautiful to have my zukan displayed on a staircased (or leveled?) display. So I decided to make one! I made the display from cardboard. x)

Next, here are the photos taken from several angles.

Sorry about the image heavy >.< but we're still going for some more.

Aaand finally, I made my own personal checklist for The Kanto Dex Zukan!

I photographed every zukan line I own (on white background), while the rest are the lines that I still search after. If you guys have one for sale, please let me know. But for the time being, I think I would prefer the less rare lines first (because price does matter). :D

That's all for this time.
Thanks a lot for looking!
I hope everyone a good luck in collecting Pokemon merchandise! :D