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Zukan Collection

This is my first ever post in this blog, and I think it's good enough for me to share about my pokemon collection, especially zukan 1/40 gashapon figure i'm interested in.

I've just been starting to collect zukan figure since June this year, and I think it's not gonna be enough for me to collect only a few of them. So, starting from buying used zukan in my country (Indonesia, which are very rare to find ones), I start watching ebay for them. Apparently there is not sufficient source of seller that sell zukan that I wanted, so I create an account in this blog in order to make me go through a deep search in pkmncollectors and become one of the members (I really want to be) :(

So let me show you a very few collection of mine.







All of the zukan figures except Rhyhorn line were bought within Indonesia. I bought Rhyhorn line zukan from ebay (fen1118), with a very fair price. :D

And also I have ordered Pokemon BW 16th Movie Zukan set from ebay (figure_shop) and it's on the way to my best friend's home! (I set his home as my ebay shipping address) :D
BW 16th Movie
(the image I downloaded from the internet. I'll post the photos of mine soon!)

Thank guys for reading. I'll be back with my new zukan collection update! :D
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